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Double-A Transition Monitor: Travis Hanson

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Travis Hanson

Travis Hanson, 3B, St. Louis Cardinals (Springfield)
Travis Hanson was a ninth round pick in 2002, from the University of Portland. He missed much of 2004 with a broken ankle, and he hit just .259/.321/.335 in the 57 games he did play for Class A Palm Beach, hardly outstanding numbers. Hanson has been healthy and effective this year for Double-A Springfield, hitting .277/.339/.460 with 24 doubles, 19 homers, 45 walks, and 88 strikeouts in 476 at-bats over 118 games. The Cardinals always said he had good raw power, but he didn't show it until this year. The fact that his power burst has come in Double-A, and the fact that has increased his walk rate over previous seasons are good signs. He has a good defensive reputation, and can play both second and third base. Hanson is 24, so he's not that young. I can't say he's a terrific prospect, but he has made progress this year.