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Newsletter Excerpt

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Mike Aviles, SS, Wichita Wranglers (Kansas City Royals)
Hitting .284/.328/.464, 11 homers, 27 doubles. Good pop for a middle infielder, but his range at shortstop looks marginal to me, and I think he'd be better off at second base in the long run. He does have good arm strength. Offensively, he seems to get a much better read on southpaws than on righthanders. RHP can work him on the outer half and he has trouble compensating. He makes contact OK but doesn't hit with as much authority, but lefties have more problems against him. I checked the stats and they confirm this impression: he's hitting .288 against RHP and .287 against LHP, but against LHP he shows more power (.522 SLG vs. .440 SLG) and MUCH better strike zone judgment (12/9/136 BB/K/AB vs. 16/41/.250 BB/K/AB).