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Florida Marlins Top 20 Prospects in Review

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Florida Marlins Pre-Season Top 20 in Review

1) Jeremy Hermida, OF
Hitting .305/.465/.540 for Double-A Carolina, 23 doubles, 15 homers, 85 walks (!), 20 steals. Blossoming in all aspects of the game, a true blue chip prospect, one of the top 5 in baseball.
2) Scott Olsen, LHP
Was 6-4, 3.92 in 14 starts at Carolina, 94/27 K/BB in 80 innings. Now in the Majors, has done quite well so far, 1-1, 3.98 in 4 starts, 21 strikeouts in 21 innings. One of the best pitching prospects around.
3) Taylor Tankersley, LHP
2-4, 3.65 in 8 starts for Class A Greensboro since being activated in June, 45/14 K/BB in 44 innings. No complaints yet.
4) Jason Vargas, LHP
Started off at Greensboro. Moved up to Jupiter, then Double-A Carolina, and then the Majors. Rapid rise, but he's been effective at every level thus far. One of the top 50 pitching prospects, although at some point he will need time to consolidate.
5) Chris Resop, RHP
2.27 ERA with 19 saves, 35/10 K/BB in 32 innings for Double-A Carolina. Pitched poorly in 7 games for the Marlins, but he was rushed. Still a good prospect.
6) Logan Kensing, RHP
3.18 ERA in 7 starts for Carolina. Was hit hard in 3 games for the Marlins, posting an 11.12 ERA and 11 hits in just 5.2 innings. A good prospect but has been pushed too quickly.
7) Josh Willingham, C-1B
Hit .332/.469/.714 with 19 homers for Triple-A Albuquerque. He is definitely ready offensively, but finding him a position is still a problem.
8) Jason Stokes, 1B
Can't stay healthy, jut 46 at-bats for Albuquerque, hitting .283/.340/.674. Good power but strike zone judgment and durability are major issues.
9) Yorman Bazardo, RHP
3.76 ERA in 17 starts for Carolina, 68/33 K/BB in 101 innings, 98 hits allowed. K/IP is below average, other numbers somewhat better. Good command, but needs another year.
10) Eric Reed, OF
Hit .255/.306/.299 with 23 steals for Carolina, now at Albuquerque where he's at .270/.333/.349 with 7 steals in 15 games. Very fast, but lack of power and patience will limit his value.
11) Josh Johnson, RHP
9-4, 4.07 in 19 starts for Carolina, 87/36 K/BB in 102 innings, 107 hits. Adequate performance, not terrific, but holding his own.
12) Brad Davis, C
Hitting just .207/.262/.306 in 33 games for Greensboro.
13) Adam Bostick, LHP
3.48, 93/32 K/BB in 19 starts for Jupiter. Promoted to Carolina, is 2-1, 2.60 in 3 starts. A sleeper prospect, with strong K/IP ratios on his resume. Worth tracking.
14) Randy Messinger, RHP
5.11 ERA in 11 games for the Marlins, with 9/11 K/BB in 12 innings. Doing OK but must reduce his walk rate.
15) Trevor Hutchinson, RHP
Out for the year with rotator cuff surgery.
16) Chris Aguila, OF
Hitting .355/.412/.630 for Albuquerque. Like Josh Willingham, he has a good-enough bat to help someone, but has no place to play right now.
17) Ron Belizario, RHP
Hasn't pitched this year.
18) Luke Hagerty, LHP
Returned to Cubs under Rule 5. Pitching very poorly in the Northwest League, Tommy John recovery has not gone well.
19) Robert Andino, SS
Hitting .273/.329/.358 with 17 steals for Carolina. 22 doubles are a good sign. Possible sleeper guy but still needs to hit with better authority.
20) Josh Wilson, SS
Hitting .260/.337/.429 with 10 homers for Albuquerque, 13 steals. Holding his own. Projects as utility guy.

Lefties Vargas, Olsen, and Tankersley all look good. Jeremy Hermida is one of the very best outfield prospects in the game. Willingham is someone who needs to be playing in the Majors. Things thin out pretty quickly after that.