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Schedule for This Week:

Monday: Top 20 Reviews for Marlins and Tigers,
Tuesday: Top 20 Reviews for Rockies and Indians, You're the Farm Director!
Wednesday: Top 20 Reviews for Nationals, Twins, and Astros
Thursday: You're the GM, Top 20 Review for Athletics
Friday: Top 20 Review for Padres.

I'll sneak a prospect retro and some tidbits in there at various points depending on my other work. I have several ongoing projects to finish up before going on my trip.

I will be traveling to Wichita on Thursday and Friday but should be able to blog if I can find a decent wireless internet connection for my laptop. Anyone have a recommendation? I'd be most interested in a coffee-house like place with free wifi during the day.

This should get all the teams we haven't covered yet with Top 20 Reviews finished up. As the minor league season gets close to ending we will do this again in August, albeit in a more organized and consistent fashion.