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Trenidad Hubbard

One of my favorite Quadruple-A players is Trenidad Hubbard, who has been terrorizing Triple-A pitchers since 1993. Stick him on your Triple-A roster, and he'll hit .300 for you, hit some doubles, knock around 10 homers, draw walks, steal some bases. The only time he has received legitimate playing time in the Majors, as opposed to random pinch-hitting at-bats here and there, he hit .298/.358/.452 for the Dodgers in '98 and .314/.387/.390 for the Dodgers in '99. Even accounting for all of his 30 at-bat appearances here and there, he has a career line of .257/.333/.382 with 16 homers and 33 steals in 762 at-bats. Surely, in an alternate universe somewhere, this guy has had a long career as a fine fourth outfielder.