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Upcoming Schedule

The Prospect Retros have proven extremely popular. I see them as something of a teaching tool; I was trained as an historian, and I do believe that studying the past brings insight in understanding the present, even in something like prospect analysis. The retros will continue. But I don't want to go overboard with them, and I'll make sure we do other stuff too.

Tuesday: Tidbits from the Minors, Prospect Retro for Wily Mo Pena.
Wednesday: Thoughts on the Futures Game, Prospect Retro for Brad Wilkerson, You're the Farm Director!
Thursday: Thoughts on the Triple-A Slugger, Prospect Retro for Carlos Guillen.
Friday: More Tidbits from the Minors, Prospect Retro for Jayson Werth.

The various Organization Top 20 Reviews have been kind of unplanned. I need to sit down and rationalize the process, make sure every team is covered. Another thing on my long "to do" list.