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Ryan Doherty at Notre Dame

Ryan Doherty, RHP, Arizona Diamondbacks
Ryan Doherty is 0-1 for Yakima, but with a 1.74 ERA and a 14/3 K/BB ratio in his first 10 innings, allowing just 6 hits. The Notre Dame product is a giant at 7-1, and he showed he could be quite successful in college. But for some reason he wasn't drafted this year, and the D-Backs came into the picture and signed him as a free agent. He doesn't throw as hard as a 7-1 guy should (at least in the fevered dreams of scouts), usually working in the mid-80s. But he throws strikes, changes speeds well, and good lord, he's 7-1. I can't see how he wasn't drafted. Anyway, he wasn't, and the D-Backs look like they will benefit. I think he projects as a middle reliever at higher levels, perhaps closing if he shows he can be consistently effective against left-handed hitters. Grade C+.