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Real Draft/Mock Draft Comparison

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I have had several requests to provide letter grades for the Mock Draft, as well as for the Real Draft. I am not comfortable providing such grades at this point, given that we have no real idea how any of these guys are going to turn out. Even low-risk/high-upside guys like Upton or Gordon could flame out due to injuries or other factors.

What I would like to do, if it is OK with you guys, is do some comparative analysis of the Mock Draft with the Real Draft. I think it would be very interesting. However, it would also be very time-consuming and would probably push back regular blogging for a few more days. I will do an example of what I have in mind. If you want me to do one of these for each team, I will, but let me know in comments.

Since the mock draft only went five rounds, the comparisons will only go that far. I will be doing a more detailed analysis of each draft class for my newsletter, and will post an excerpt or two here, but the Mock Draft/Real Draft comparison thing is separate.

Colorado Rockies REAL DRAFT
1---7---Troy Tulowitzki, SS, Long Beach State
1S--32--Chaz Roe, RHP, Lafayette HS, Lexington, KY
2---52---Dan Carte, OF, Winthrop
2---55---Zach Simons, RHP, Everett CC
3---87---Kyle Hancock, RHP, Rowlett (Texas) HS
4---117---Brandon Durden, LHP, Georgia College
5---147---Josh Sullivan, RHP, Auburn
Colorado Rockies MOCK DRAFT
1---7----Luke Hochevar, RHP, University of Tennessee (1S?Dodgers)
1S--32---Mark McCormick, RHP, Baylor (1S?Cardinals)
2---52---Seth Johnston, SS-2B, University of Texas (5---Padres)
2---55---Eli Iorg, OF, University of Tennessee (1S---Astros)
3---87---Tommy Manzella, SS, Tulane (3---Astros)
4---117---Ivan DeJesus, SS, Puerto Rico HS (2---Dodgers)
5---147---Allen Langdon, OF, Garden City Idaho HS (10?Astros)
COMMENT: In reality, the Rockies decided they didn't want to mess around with Scott Boras, passing Hochevar up in favor of Tulowitzki (who has already signed). In the mock draft Tulowitzki went earlier, so he wasn't available in this slot. I think I like the Real Draft better in this case. The Mock Draft is hurt by the Boras factor with the first two picks, forcing cheap college guys in the second and third round. In reality, the greater financial flexibility of the Real Draft allowed the Rockies to pick higher ceiling (if riskier) guys in those slots. Overall I think the Real Draft has a better chance of turning out well, although if the Mock team was really able to sign the two Boras pitchers, it would be a very strong (if expensive) class as well.