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Mock Draft Ground Rules

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The Mock Draft begins on Sunday, June 5, at 1:00 PM Central Time.

The draft is scheduled to run 5 rounds. We will use the draft order of the official Major League Baseball First-Year Player Draft, including supplemental picks.

The Draft Commissioner (me) will keep track of each draft pick for each team, however, individual scouting directors are encouraged to keep their own lists to avoid duplicating draft picks.

When your team is "on the clock", the scouting director has two minutes to make his selection and post it in the comment thread. The Commissioner will confirm the pick, and then put the next team on the clock. While the "on the clock" time is two minutes, the Commissioner may extent it at his discretion for another two or three minutes if there is a technical difficulty of some sort. If the Scouting Director can't make a pick or fails to do so within the allotted time, the Commissioner will make the pick himself.

If a Scouting Director has to leave the draft, it is up to him or her to designate a new Scouting Director and notify the Commissioner accordingly.

I will post a practice draft thread Saturday afternoon so you can see how things should work.

Draft picks should be made in the following format: "Minnesota Twins select Fred Smith, shortstop, Nowhere State University".

The point of the Mock Draft is to HAVE FUN. Any decisions made by the Commissioner will be made in accordance with that guideline. I want this to be competitive, and I want us to learn something, but having fun is the key. Keep in mind that this is an experimental process. We haven't done it before, and there will probably be some glitches. Be patient, keep a smile on your face, enjoy the process, and learn something.

I am currently organizing my spreadsheet, and will post a draft example thread shortly.