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Excerpt from the newsletter

San Francisco Giants:
In the "it looks like I was wrong" department, we find San Jose first baseman Travis Ishikawa. Scouts have been raving about this guy for two years, but his production before this season was pretty mediocre, and I was skeptical. His OPS was just +9 percent last year, inadequate for a corner player. I was also, quite possibly, wrong. Ishikawa is hitting .314/.406/.564 in 67 games for San Jose, tapping into the power that scouts identified, while boosting his batting average some 60 points compared to his pre-season career mark. At 21, he is age-appropriate for the California League. The only negative this year is his strikeout rate, 68 in 67 games, 236 AB. This warns that his batting average may not carry to higher levels, at least if he is promoted too quickly. But overall I have to be impressed with his production, and it looks like the scouts were right about him.