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Newsletter Excerpt

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Baltimore Orioles: At various points over the last few years, I have pointed out RHP Cory Morris as a sleeper prospect. Owner of a low-90s fastball and a big curve, Morris was a 15th round pick in 2001 out of Dallas Baptist. It took him three years to figure out how to pitch in the Carolina League, but he has finally made progress this year, and is 4-2, 2.69 in 67 innings for Double-A Bowie in the Eastern League. His K/BB is 74/40, and he's allowed just 44 hits. Morris' K/IP and H/IP ratios are excellent, but his walk rate remains too high. It hasn't hurt him much this season, and he's made enough progress to get himself back on the charts as a prospect. His command needs further improvement, but the K/IP and H/IP are quite strong and point to a high upside. Given his track record, he is not fantasy-investable at this point, but he should be watched.