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I'm at my mom's house in Des Moines. I have a connection, but it is a slow one. I will pop in this weekend from time to time, but regular material will resume Monday in earnest.

Some stuff I am planning for upcoming week

*Opinions about Pence and Patton
*Prospect Retros on Kerry Wood and Ben Sheets.
*What is wrong with Phil Humber?
*Other stuff that I have promised people but can't remember right now. Post in the thread here if you have made a request recently and want to remind me.
*Prospect Alternate History
*2004 Supplemental Round update
*Double-A Transition Monitor
*Tidbits, etc.
UPDATE. Blogging from Java Joe's in downtown Des Moines, home to excellent coffee and free wireless internet access! Will work up a 2004 Supplemental Round Update to keep you guys busy. Tomorrow will be a travel day, then we resume with regular schedule on Monday.