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Maybe it is just me, but I really don't give a rat's testicles about Michael Jackson being attacked by a shark on Fear Factor, or Angelina Jolie leaving Brad Pitt for Paris Hilton on the New Gilligan's Island, or whatever publicity atrocity the media will hoist on us next. And what's more, I don't know anyone who really cares about these stories, either. Who the hell is watching this garbage, and why does the media spend more time on these stories than they do about Iraq, or the Sudan, or global warming, or Social Security? You can't have a functioning constitutional republic without an informed citizenry, and "informing the citizenry" does not mean spending precious media minutes on endless pop culture updates.
Yes, I realize the irony: I'm a baseball writer. That's the entertainment industry. But baseball and sports have their own pages in the newspaper and their own channels. What I object to is the blurring of coverage between pop culture and actual news, a blurring that seems to have accelerated dramatically in the last ten years. Or maybe I'm just old and cranky, I don't know.