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American League East Mock/Real Comparisons

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Baltimore Orioles REAL DRAFT
1--13th---Brandon Snyder, C, Westfield HS, Centerville, VA
1S-48th----Garrett Olson, LHP, Cal Poly
2---61st----Nolan Reimold, OF, Bowling Green
3---93rd----Brandon Erbe, RHP, McDonough School, Baltimore
4---123rd---Kieron Pope, OF, East Coweta HS, Gay, Georgia
5---153rd---Reid Hamblet, RHP, Biola
Baltimore Orioles MOCK DRAFT
1--13th--Mark Pawelek, LHP, Springville, Utah HS (1--20--Cubs)
1S-48th----Stephen Head, 1B, University of Mississippi (2---Indians)
2---61st----Micah Owings, RHP-1B, Tulane (3---Diamondbacks)
3---93rd----Josh Bell, 3B, Santaluces HS, Lantana Florida (4---Dodgers)
4---123rd---Desean Jackson, OF, Poly HS, Long Beach, CA (Not Drafted)
5---153rd---Alan Horne, RHP, University of Florida (11--Yankees)
COMMENT: I like Snyder a lot, and his placement in the Real Draft is a more "realistic" grasp of his talent than how far he slipped in the Mock Draft. The other guys are a mixture of college and high school talent. I like both Reimold and Owings. Pope is as toolsy as the undrafted Jackson. Overall I'd rate the two drafts about equal.

Boston Red Sox REAL DRAFT
1---23rd----Jacoby Ellsbury, OF, Oregon State
1---26th-----Craig Hansen, RHP, St. John's
1S-42nd-----Clay Buchholz, RHP, Angelina TX JC
1S-45th-----Jed Lowrie, 2B, Stanford
1S-47th-----Michael Bowden, RHP, Waubonsie Valley HS, Aurora, Ill
2---57th-----Jon Egan, C, Cross Creek HS, Georgia
4---138th----William Blue, RHP, Morro Bay CA HS
5---168th----Reid Engle, OF, Lewis-Palmer HS, Monument, Col
Boston Red Sox MOCK DRAFT
1---23rd----Trevor Crowe, OF, University of Arizona (1--14--Indians)
1---26th-----Colby Rasmus, OF, Phenix City, Alabama, HS (1--28--Cardinals)
1S-42nd-----Chaz Roe, RHP, Lexington Kentucky HS (1S--32--Rockies)
1S-45th-----Henry Sanchez, 1B, San Diego CA HS (1S--39--Twins)
1S-47th-----Reese Havens, SS, Sullivans Island SC HS (29--Rockies)
2---57th-----Chase Headley, 3B, University of Tennessee (2--66--Padres)
4---138th----Brandon Durden, LHP, Georgia College (4---117---Rockies)
5---168th----Josh Sullivan, RHP, Auburn (5---147--Rockies)
COMMENT: Assuming the Real Sox sign Hansen in a reasonably expeditious manner, their draft class is a strong mix of high ceiling and low risk guys. But the same can be said for the Mock Draft as well, especially if signability guy Havens would actually sign. Both the Mock and Real drafts demonstrate effective use of multiple picks. Interesting that the Rockies picked FOUR of the Mock Draft guys in this group.

New York Yankees REAL DRAFT
1---17th----CJ Henry, SS, Putnam City HS, Oklahoma City
2---63rd----J. Brent Cox, RHP, University of Texas
3---109th---Brett Gardner, OF, College of Charleston
4---139th---Lance Pendleton, RHP, Rice
5---169th----Zach Kroenke, LHP, University of Nebraska
New York Yankees MOCK DRAFT
1---17th----Chris Volstad, RHP, Palm Beach Gardens FL HS (1--16--Marlins)
2---63rd----Kevin Slowey, RHP, Winthrop (2--73--Twins)
3---109th---Pedro Alvarez, 3B, Bronx NY HS (14--Red Sox)
4---139th---Karl Amonite, 1B, Auburn (13--Yankees)
5---169th----Steve Kleen, RHP, Pepperdine (11--Athletics)
COMMENTS: I prefer Volstad over Henry, Cox and Slowey are about equal in my mind. I like Alvarez more than Gardner, but signability hurts Alvarez. Pendleton and Kroenke rank ahead of Amonite and Kleen, the latter two being overdrafted in the Mock Draft, although both represent good value in the 10+ rounds. Overall I think the real draft has a slight advantage but it's fairly even if Alvarez is signable.

Tampa Bay Devil Rays REAL DRAFT
1---8th----Wade Townsend, RHP
2---56th---Chris Mason, RHP, UNC Greensboro
3---88th---Bryan Morris, RHP, Tullahoma HS, Tenn.
4---118th----Jeremy Hellickson, RHP, Hoover HS, Des Moines, Iowa
5---148th---Mike McCormick, 3B, Marist HS, Eugene, Oregon
Tampa Bay Devil Rays MOCK DRAFT
1---8th---Ricky Romero, LHP, Cal State Fullerton (1--6--Blue Jays)
2---56th---Josh Wall, RHP, Walker, LA HS (2---74---Dodgers)
3---88th---Cody Satterwhite, RHP, Byram, MS HS (37--Indians)
4---118th--Caleb Moore, C, East Tennessee State University (4---135--Twins)
5---148th---Mike Billek, RHP, University of Central Florida (3---Cubs)
COMMENT: I just have a feeling that Townsend isn't going to be as good as people expect, but I have nothing objective to back that up. I like Romero a lot. I prefer Mason to Wall, although Wall is a good investment as high school pitchers go. Morris will be a draft-and-follow, but he could be worthy of first-round money next spring. Moore and Billek is a less-risky pair than Hellickson and McCormick, though the younger guys do have high upside. Again, I think both classes are perfectly respectable. When I started doing this, I don't think I realized how well the Mock Drafts would go. They look differentthan the real drafts, of course, but most of them look realistic in their own way, and this is another example.

Toronto Blue Jays REAL DRAFT
1---6th---Ricky Romero, LHP, Cal State Fullerton
3---86th---Brian Pettway, OF, University of Mississippi
4---116th---Ryan Patterson, OF, LSU
5---146th---Eric Fowler, LHP, University of Mississippi
Toronto Blue Jays MOCK DRAFT
1---6th---Ryan Zimmerman, 3B, University of Virginia (1---4---Nationals)
3---86th---Matt Green, RHP, University of Louisiana-Monroe (2---Diamondbacks)
4---116th---Chris Nicoll, RHP, UC Irvine (3--Royals)
5---146th---Brad Corley, OF, Mississippi State University (2--Pirates)
COMMENT: The Mock Draft had Zimmerman unexpectedly falling to number six, but Romero fits in well with what the Jays are trying to do. In fact, the whole Blue Jays Mock Draft took advantage of guys falling past where they did in real life. It will be interesting to see how these guys pan out, if they do as expected than the Mock Draft will be a huge success for this team. The Real Draft used the same philosophy as the Mock draft, loading up on college guys, but the upside in the real draft is lower I think, granted that's because of the way things shook out in regards to other teams, not a fault in the way the Jays actually drafted.