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National League Mock/Real Comparisons

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Atlanta Braves REAL DRAFT
1--27th---Joey Devine, RHP, North Carolina State University
1S--41st---Beau Jones, LHP, Destrehan HS, Louisiana
2---75th--Yuniel Escobar, SS, Miami Florida (Cuba)
2---77th----Jeff Lyman, RHP, Monte Vista HS, Alamo CA
3---107th---Jordan Schafer, OF, Winter Haven FL HS
4---137th---Mike Broadway, RHP, Pope County HS, Golconda, IL
5---167th---Will Startup, LHP, University of Georgia
Atlanta Braves MOCK DRAFT
1--27th---Cliff Pennington, SS, Texas A&M (1--21--Athletics)
1S--41st---Bryan Morris, RHP, Tullahoma, TN HS (3---Devil Rays)
2---75th--Ryan Mount, SS, Ayala HS, Chino Hills CA (2--Angels)
2---77th----Chris Mason, RHP, UNC Greensboro (2--56--Devil Rays)
3---107th---Michael Kirkman, RHP, Lake City, Florida HS (5--Rangers)
4---137th---Buster Posey, RHP, Leesburg Georgia HS (50--Angels)
5---167th---Kyle Winters, RHP, Pomona HS, Arvada CO (5---156--Marlins)
COMMENT: Both the Mock Draft and the Real Draft included two college guys mixed in with high ceiling picks. Devine should move very quickly, as should Pennington, though I think Devine better fits Atlanta's true needs. Then you have a bunch of guys with good athleticism and raw potential. Wild cards are Cuban Yuniel Escobar in the real draft, and Buster Posey in the Mock Draft, a signability guy. Again, I think the two classes are about equal in terms of risk and talent balance.

Florida Marlins REAL DRAFT
1---16th----Chris Volstad, RHP, Palm Beach Gardens, FL
1---22nd---Aaron Thompson, LHP, Second Baptist HS, Houston
1---29th----Jacob Marceaux, RHP, McNeese State University
1S--34th---Ryan Tucker, RHP, Temple City CA HS
1S---44th---Sean West, LHP, Captain Shreve HS, Shreveport, LA
2---64th----Kris Harvey, OF-RHP, Clemson
2S---79th---Brett Hayes, C, University of Nevada
3---96th----Matt Goyen, LHP, Georgia College
4---126th---Gaby Sanchez, C, University of Miami
5---156th---Kyle Winters, RHP, Pomona HS, Arvada, Colorado
Florida Marlins MOCK DRAFT
1---16th----Cesar Carrillo, RHP, University of Miami-FL (1--18--Padres)
1---22nd---Michael Bowden, RHP, Aurora, IL HS (1S--Red Sox)
1---29th----Taylor Teagarden, C, University of Texas (3---Rangers)
1S--34th---Daniel Carte, OF, Winthrop (2---Rockies)
1S---44th---P.J. Phillips, SS, Stone Mountain GA HS (2---Angels)
2---64th----Nick Weglarz, 1B, Lakeshore Catholic HS, Stevensville Ontario (3--Indians)
2S---79th---Kevin Whelan, RHP, Texas A&M (4---Tigers)
3---96th----Mike Bell, 3B, Grayson CC, Texas (5---Brewers)
4---126th---Wade Miley, LHP, Loranger HS, LA (20--Devil Rays)
5---156th---James Avery, RHP, Niagara (5--152---Reds)
COMMENT: Yet another effective mixture of college and high school talent in both drafts. I prefer Mock Draftees Carrillo and Bowden over Real Draftees Volstad and Thompson, but that's just my opinion, and after that things are pretty even. Fly in the ointment for the Mock Draft could be signability of Boras client Teagarden and high school lefty Wade Miley.

New York Mets REAL DRAFT
1----9th----Mike Pelfrey, RHP, Wichita State University
4----119th---Hector Pellot, 2B, Puerto Rico Baseball Academy
5----149th----Drew Butera, C, University of Central Florida
New York Mets MOCK DRAFT
1----9th----Cameron Maybin, OF, Arden NC HS (1--10--Tigers)
4----119th---Warner Jones, 2B, Vanderbilt (17--Tigers)
5----149th----Josh Wilson, RHP, Tyler TX HS (2---Cardinals)
COMMENT: Pelfrey was gone in the Mock Draft, and there's certainly nothing wrong with Maybin. Warner Jones is an overdraft, but Josh Wilson was a possible steal in the fifth round. The Real Draft also featured a possible overdraft in the fourth round (I thought Pellot was more like a 7th-10th rounder). Given Wilson's potential, the Mock Draft may have a slight edge, but it's close.

Philadelphia Phillies REAL DRAFT
2----65th----Mike Costanzo, 3B, Coastal Carolina University
3----97th----Matt Maloney, LHP, University of Mississippi
4----127th----Mike Durant, 3B, Berkeley HS, California
5----157th----Brett Harker, RHP, College of Charleston
Philadelphia Phillies MOCK DRAFT
2----65th----Sean O'Sullivan, RHP, El Cajon California HS (3--Angels)
3----97th----Tim Lincecum, RHP, University of Washington (42---Indians)
4----127th----Cameron Blair, 2B, Texas Tech (6---Pirates)
5----157th----Brandon James, RHP, Carlisle HS, Carlisle, PA (21--Rangers)
COMMENT: Hm. I like Costanzo, but he's probably an overdraft by one round in the Real Draft. O'Sullivan could be an impact guy, but also carries high risk for a team without a first-round pick. Lincecum (control problems) and Blair (makeup issues) are both college players with strong performance track records but baggage that makes them risky. Lincecum's sophomore status hurt him in the real draft, and in the third round you might have to overpay. Maloney is a solid college guy, but I have questions about Durant's bat. Overall I think it's a wash, as I see weaknesses (though different ones) in both groups.

Washington Nationals REAL DRAFT
1----4th------Ryan Zimmerman, 3B, University of Virginia
4----114th---Justin Maxwell, OF, University of Maryland
5----144th---Ryan DeLaughter, OF, Ryan HS, Denton, TX
Washington Nationals MOCK DRAFT
1----4th------Jeff Clement, C, USC (1--3--Mariners)
4----114th---Ryan Tucker, RHP, Temple City CA HS (15--Marlins)
5----144th----Ben Copeland, OF, University of Pittsburgh (4---Giants)
COMMENT: I'm from Iowa (Jeff Clement's home state) and I think he's great, but I have to say that I think Zimmerman will be a more complete player. Tucker represents strong value in the fourth round of the Mock Draft, but signability hurt him in real life. Maxwell, DeLaughter, and Copeland all represent reasonable choices in their slots, Real and Mock. Maxwell has a great physical ceiling and could be a first-rounder if healthy.