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American League Central Mock/Real Comparisons

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Chicago White Sox REAL DRAFT
1---15--Lance Broadway, RHP, TCU
3---95---Ricky Brooks, RHP, East Carolina University
4---125--Chris Getz, 2B, University of Michigan
5---155---Ryan Rote, RHP, Vanderbilt
Chicago White Sox MOCK DRAFT
1---15---Wade Townsend, RHP (1--8---Devil Rays)
3---95---Josh Lindblom, RHP, Harrison HS, West Lafayette, Ind. (3--104---Astros)
4---125--Chris Robinson, C, University of Illinois (3---Tigers)
5---155---Josh Zeid, RHP, New Haven CT HS (Not Drafted)
COMMENT: I've already mentioned that I think Broadway was overdrafted at 15th overall. Brooks is a draft-eligible sophomore and may be a tough sign, but if he signs he's a fine prospect, although I also like Lindblom. I prefer Robinson to Getz by a wide margin, but Robinson wasn't available in the Real Draft by that point. Zeid wasn't drafted in reality due to signability concerns. Rote has a good arm but is erratic. I can't say I'm super-impressed with the Real Draft, but the Mock Draft has a major signability issue with Zeid.

Cleveland Indians REAL DRAFT
1---14---Trevor Crowe, OF, University of Arizona
1S--33---John Drennan, OF, Rancho Bernardo HS, San Diego
2---62---Stephen Head, 1B, University of Mississippi
3---94----Nick Weglarz, 1B, Lakeshore Catholic HS, Stevensville, Ontario
3--102--Jensen Lewis, RHP, Vanderbilt
4---124---Jordan Brown, 1B, University of Arizona
5---154---Kevin Dixon, RHP, Minnesota State-Mankato
Cleveland Indians MOCK DRAFT
1---14---C.J. Henry, SS, Oklahoma City OK HS (1--17--Yankees)
1S--33---Clay Buchholz, RHP, Angelina TX JC (1S--42--Red Sox)
2---62---Brian Pettway, OF, University of Mississippi (3--Blue Jays)
3---94----Kenny Maiques, RHP, Rio Hondo JC (37--Cardinals)
3---102---Nolan Reimold, OF, Bowling Green (2---Orioles)
4---124---Drew Butera, C, University of Central Florida (5---Mets)
5---154---Jeff Bianchi, SS, Lampeter HS, Lancaster PA (2--Royals)
COMMENT: I prefer Crowe over Henry in the first round. Drennan wasn't available in the Mock Draft at 33, but Buchholz is a good one. Head was also unavailable. Reimold and Bianchi were steals in the Mock Draft compare to Real Life, were both went in the second round. Overall I think both classes are worthy deployments of extra picks, the only real miss here is signability concerns with Kenny Maiques.

Detroit Tigers REAL DRAFT
1---10---Cameron Maybin, OF, TC Roberson HS, Arden NC
3---90---Chris Robinson, C, University of Illinois
4---120---Kevin Whelan, RHP, Texas A&M
5---150---Jeff Larish, 1B, Arizona State
Detroit Tigers MOCK DRAFT
1---10---Craig Hansen, RHP, St. John's (1--26--Red Sox)
3---90---Brett Lillibridge, SS, University of Washington (4---Pirates)
4---120---Matt Maloney, LHP, University of Mississippi (3---Phillies)
5---150---Jim Brauer, RHP, University of Michigan (9--Marlins)
COMMENT: Signability dropped Hansen in real life, but Maybin is certainly no slouch for the Real Draft. I prefer the Real Draft in rounds three, four, and five, all solid college choices. Whelan looks like the sleeper here for me.

Kansas City Royals REAL DRAFT
1---2----Alex Gordon, 3B, University of Nebraska
2---50---Jeff Bianchi, SS, Lampeter HS,Lancaster, Pennsylvania
3---82---Chris Nicoll, RHP, UC Irvine
4--112--Joe Dickerson, OF, Esperanza HS, Yorba Linda, California
5---142---Shawn Hayes, SS, Franklin Pierce (NH) College
Kansas City Royals MOCK DRAFT
1---2----Alex Gordon, 3B, University of Nebraska (1--Royals)
2---50---Sean West, LHP, Shreveport LA HS (1S--Marlins)
3---82---Nick Webber, RHP, Central Missouri State University (2---Cardinals)
4--112--Robert Ray, RHP, Texas A&M (7---Blue Jays)
5---142---Jon Meloan, RHP, University of Arizona (5--166--Dodgers)
COMMENT: Same at the top, of course., and the ultimate success or failure of this class rests on Gordon. The Real Royals pegged Bianchi in the second round, two rounds ahead of most teams, but he's a solid guy and could be a surprise. Nicoll is a fine third-round guy. Real picks in Dickerson and Hayes look overdrafted on paper. Dickerson had a signability factor, owning a Texas scholarship, but he has already signed. I prefer Meloan to Hayes in the fifth round.

Minnesota Twins REAL DRAFT
1---25---Matt Garza, RHP, Fresno State University
1S--39--Henry Sanchez, 1B, Mission Bay HS, San Diego
2---54---Paul Kelly, SS, Flower Mound Texas HS
2---73---Kevin Slowey, RHP, Winthrop University
2S--80---Drew Thompson, SS, Jupiter Community HS, Tequesta, FL
3---84---Brian Duensing, LHP, University of Nebraska
3---105---Ryan Mullins, LHP, Vanderbilt University
4---135---Caleb Moore, C, East Tennessee State
5---165---Steven Tolleson, SS, University of South Carolina
Minnesota Twins MOCK DRAFT
1---25---Matt Torra, RHP, University of Massachusetts (1S--Diamondbacks)
1S---39---Justin Bristow, SS, Richmond VA HS (22--Royals)
2---54---David Adams, 3B-SS, Grandview Prep, Margate FL (21--Tigers)
2---73---Jonathan Egan, C, Georgia HS (2---57--Red Sox)
2S--80---Scott Taylor, RHP, Hermitage HS, Glen Allen VA (5--Cubs)
3---84---Paul Kelly, SS, Flower Mound HS, Texas (2---Twins)
3---105---Jeremy Bleich, LHP, Metaire Louisiana HS (Not Drafted)
4---135---Yahmed Yema, OF, Florida International University (7--Red Sox)
5---165---Neil Jamison, RHP, Long Beach State University (6--Padres)
COMMENT: Both the Real Draft and the Mock Draft make good use of extra picks, mixing in both high school and college talent. The Mock Draft has signability problems with Adams and Bristow, but if they were signable the Mock draft is probably slightly better in terms of raw talent, if riskier. But given that they probably aren't signable, the Real Draft is certainly very impressive. Duensing in the third round and Moore in the fourth are possible steals.