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Pirates, Cardinals Mock/Real Draft Comparison

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Pittsburgh Pirates REAL DRAFT
1---11---Andrew McCutchen, OF, Ft. Meade FL HS
2----59---Brad Corley, OF, Mississippi State University
3----91---James Boone, OF, University of Missouri
4----121---Brett Lillibridge, SS, University of Washington
5---151---Jeff Sues, RHP, Vanderbilt
Pittsburgh Pirates MOCK DRAFT
1---11---Andrew McCutchen, OF, Ft. Meade FL HS (1--Pirates)
2----59---Travis Buck, OF, Arizona State University (1S--36--Athletics)
3----91---Zach Putnam, 3B, Ann Arbor MI HS (38---Tigers)
4----121---Brett Wallace, 3B, Sonoma CA HS (42---Blue Jays)
5---151---Aaron Cunningham, OF, Everett CC (6---White Sox)
COMMENT: The Mock Pirates matched with the Real Pirates perfectly in the first round. Buck was gone in reality in the second round, but Corley was certainly a worthy choice. The Mock team then took some signability gambles in the third and fourth rounds, while the real team went the college route. The Mock list is better in terms of pure talent, but the Real list was, well, more realistic in terms of what the Pirates thought they could afford. Cunningham is an intriguing junior college talent.

St. Louis Cardinals REAL DRAFT
1---28----Colby Rasmus, OF, Russell County HS, Phenix City, Alabama
1---30----Tyler Greene, SS, Georgia Tech
1S---43---Mark McCormick, RHP, Baylor
1S---46---Tyler Herron, RHP, Wellington HS, Florida
2----70----Josh Wilson, RHP, Whitehouse HS, Tyler, Texas
2---78-----Nick Webber, RHP, Central Missouri State University
3---110----Daryl Jones, OF, Spring HS, Texas
4---140----Bryan Anderson, C, Simi Valley HS, California
5----170----Mitchell Boggs, RHP, University of Georgia
St. Louis Cardinals MOCK DRAFT
1---28----Tyler Greene, SS, Georgia Tech (1-30-Cardinals)
1---30----Cesar Ramos, LHP, Long Beach State (1S--35--Padres)
1S---43---J. Brent Cox, RHP, University of Texas (2--63--Yankees)
1S---46---John Mayberry, 1B-OF, Stanford (1--19--Rangers)
2----70----Justin Maxwell, OF, University of Maryland (4---Nationals)
2---78----Matt Garza, RHP, Fresno State University (1--25--Twins)
3---110----Daillo Fon, OF, Walnut Creek, California HS (49---Yankees)
4---140----Brett Gardner, OF, College of Charleston (3---Yankees)
5----170----Carlos Hereaud, SS, Missouri City Texas HS (9--Brewers)
COMMENT: The Mock Cardinals cleaned up here, making good use of their extra picks, taking advantage in particular of the suspicion that the Mock Drafters had about John Mayberry's power. Matt Garza looks like a steal in the second round as well. The only real Mock Miss is Diallo Fon, who fell to the 49th round in real life due to signability problems. Although the Real Cardinals draft is considerably different in shape than the Mock draft, I think it also represents a very good job. I like Rasmus a lot, and there's a solid mix of high school and college guys here. If McCormick and the high school kids sign, the Real Cards picked up the equivalent of three first round arms.