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Astros and Brewers

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Astros and Brewers Real/Mock Comparisons

Houston Astros REAL DRAFT
1---24---Brian Bogusevic, LHP, Tulane
1S---38---Eli Iorg, OF, University of Tennessee
2----72---Ralph Henriquez, C, Key West HS, FL
3----89---Tommy Manzella, SS, Tulane
3---104---Josh Lindblom, RHP, Harrison HS, West Lafayette, Indiana
4---134---Josh Flores, OF, Triton JC (Illinois)
5---164---Billy Hart, 3B, USC
Houston Astros MOCK DRAFT
1---24---Lance Broadway, RHP, TCU (1--15--White Sox)
1S---38---Jacob Marceaux, RHP, McNeese State University (1--29--Marlins)
2----72---Brett Hayes, C, University of Nevada (2S--79--Marlins)
3----89---Garrett Olson, LHP, Cal Poly (1S--Orioles)
3---104---Ryan Patterson, OF, LSU (4--Blue Jays)
4---134---Josh Geer, RHP, Rice (3--Padres)
5---164---Steve Kahn, RHP, Loyola Marymount (5--143--Mariners)
COMMENT: Personally I like Broadway more at 24 than his Real slot at 15, so I think the Astros will be happy with Bogusevic in reality. I like the Marceaux, Hayes, Olsen combo, good value for the Mock Draft considering where they went in reality. The Real draft is a mixture of high school, junior college, and college talent, while the Mock is purely college oriented. I normally prefer a mixed approach myself, but the Mock Drafter got great value considering how things shook out. Lindblom is interesting as a cold-weather high school pitcher, who sometimes sneak up on people.

Milwaukee Brewers REAL DRAFT
1---5----Ryan Braun, 3B, University of Miami-Florida
3---85---Will Inman, RHP, Tunstall HS, Dry Fork, Virginia
4---115---Matthew Gamel, 3B, Chipola JC (Florida)
5---145---Kevin Roberts, RHP, University of Houston
Milwaukee Brewers MOCK DRAFT
1---5---Mike Pelfrey, RHP, Wichita State (1--9--Mets)
3---85---Zach Ward, RHP, Gardner-Webb (3--Reds)
4---115---Mike Broadway, RHP, Golconda, IL HS (4--137--Braves)
5---145---Ryan Doherty, RHP, Notre Dame (Not Drafted)
COMMENT: Signability is the key factor here, as the Real Brewers decided they didn't want to mess with Scott Boras. Inman vs. Ward is a wash in my mind, they both have talent but question marks. I like both Gamel and Broadway, hard to pick between them. Roberts is a better pick than the undrafted Doherty. All in all a slight advantage for the Real Draft all things considered.