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American League West Comparisons

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Escape from Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim REAL DRAFT
1S-37---Trevor Bell, RHP, Crescenta Valley HS, La Crescenta, California
2-58---Ryan Mount, SS, Ayala HS, Chino Hills, California
2-71---P.J. Phillips, SS, Redan HS, Stone Mountain, Georgia
3-103--Sean O'Sullivan, RHP, Valhalla HS, El Cajon, California
4-133---Brian Matusz, LHP, St. Mary's HS, Cave Creek, Arizona
5-163---Thomas Mendoza, RHP, Monsignor Pace HS, Miami, Florida
Escape from Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim MOCK DRAFT
1S-37---Brandon Snyder, C-SS, Centreville, VA HS (1--Orioles)
2-58---Drew Thompson, SS, Tequesta, FL HS (2S-Twins)
2-71---Justin Smoak, 1B, Goose Creek, SC HS (16-Athletics)
3-103--Clete Thomas, OF, Auburn (6--Tigers)
4-133---Jarred Bogany, OF, Houston TX (15--Pirates)
5-163---Gabe Scott, OF, Alabama (Not Drafted)
COMMENTS: The Mock Draft benefited from the surprising drop of Brandon Snyder, who was stolen in the supplemental round. On the other hand, Justin Smoak and Jarred Bogany dropped in real life due to signability concerns. I like the Mock Draft better, but that's situational more than anything and not a negative reflection on the Real Draft. The Real Draft is obviously high-school dominated to an ever greater extent than the Mock Draft. There is an awful lot of raw talent there, but it will be some time before the Angels get anything out of this class.

Oakland Athletics REAL DRAFT
1---21---Cliff Pennington, SS, Texas A&M
1S--36---Travis Buck, OF, Arizona State
2---53---Craig Italiano, RHP, Flower Mound HS, Flower Mound, TX
2---69---Jared Lansford, RHP, St. Francis HS, Santa Clara, California
3--101--Vincent Mazzaro, RHP, Rutherford (New Jersey) HS
4---131---Jimmy Shull, RHP, Cal Poly
5----161---Scott Deal, RHP, Curtis HS, University Place, Washington
Oakland Athletics MOCK DRAFT
1---21---John Drennen, OF, San Diego, CA HS (1S--Indians)
1S--36---Jed Lowrie, 2B, Stanford (1S-45--Red Sox)
2---53---Aaron Thompson, LHP, Houston TX HS (1---Marlins)
2---69---Brian Matursz, LHP, ST. Mary's HS Arizona (4--Angels)
3--101--David Cooper, OF, Stockton, CA HS (not drafted)
4---131---Mike Durant, 1B, Berkeley, CA HS (4--Phillies)
5----161---Danny Powers, RHP, Central Missouri State University (8---Twins)
COMMENTS: I will have more to say about the Real Draft in my newsletter. Some people are shocked that the Athletics drafted some high school guys, but note that they did pick two solid polished college players right at the top of the draft. My own draft philosophy is to mix college and high school talent in the early rounds, as I think excessive concentration on either category is dangerous. . .some Aristotelian influence there I guess. Anyhow, I think the Mock and Real Drafts are actually pretty close in terms of talent.

Seattle Mariners REAL DRAFT
1---3----Jeff Clement, C, USC
4---113---Justin Thomas, LHP, Youngstown State University
5---143---Stephen Kahn, RHP, Loyola Marymount
Seattle Mariners MOCK DRAFT
1---3---Troy Tulowitzki, SS, Long Beach State University (1--7--Rockies)
4---113---Zach Simons, RHP, Everett CC (2---Rockies)
5---143---Mitchell Boggs, RHP, University of Georgia (5--Cardinals)
COMMENTS: Clement over Tulowitzki was the last-second surprise of the draft. Personally I think the Mock Draft picks are slightly better than the Real draft picks, although Simons dropped down two rounds compared to reality so it's not a fair comparison. I'm not a big Kahn guy and would rather have Boggs.

Texas Rangers REAL DRAFT
1---19---John Mayberry, OF-1B, Stanford
2--67---Johnny Whittleman, 3B, Kingwood HS, Kingwood TX
3---99---Taylor Teagarden, C, University of Texas
4---129---Shane Funk, RHP, Arnold HS, Panama City Beach, Florida
5---159---Michael Kirkman, LHP, Columbia HS, Lake City, Florida
Texas Rangers MOCK DRAFT
1---19---Jay Bruce, OF, Beaumont, Texas HS (1-12-Reds)
2--67---Craig Italiano, RHP, Texas HS (2--53--Athleitcs)
3---99---Josh Bell, C, Auburn (6--Blue Jays)
4---129---Andrew Lopez, OF, Elk Grove, CA HS (8--Devil Rays)
5---159---Paco Figueroa, OF, University of Miami-Florida (9--Orioles)
COMMENTS: I thought Mayberry slotted better in the 25-30 range rather than 19th overall, but with Mock Draft pick Bruce unavailable it's still a reasonable selection. Interesting parallels, two college catchers in round three, though Teagarden is superior to Bell (also more expensive). High school pitchers Funk and Kirkman are a different flavor than high school outfielder Lopez and college speedster Figueroa. I prefer Lopez to Funk but Kirkman is a better pick than Figueroa in the fifth round.