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Dodgers and Giants

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Los Angeles Dodgers REAL DRAFT
1S---40--Luke Hochevar, RHP, University of Tennessee
2---51---Ivan DeJesus, SS, Puerto Rico Baseball Academy
2---74---Josh Wall, RHP, Central Private HS, Walker, Louisiana
3---106---Sergio Pedroza, OF, Cal State Fullerton
4---136---Josh Bell, 3B, Santaluces HS, Lantana, Florida
5---166---John Meloan, RHP, University of Arizona
Los Angeles Dodgers MOCK DRAFT
1S---40---Tyler Herron, RHP, Wellington, FL HS (15--Cardinals)
2---51---Vance Worley, RHP, McClatchy HS, Sacramento CA (20--Phillies)
2---74---Jeff Lyman, RHP, Monte Visa HS, Alamo CA (2--77--Braves)
3---106---Scott Van Slyke, OF, St. Louis Missouri HS (14--Dodgers)
4---136---Ryan DeLaughter, OF, Corinth Texas HS (5--Nationals)
5---166---David DiNatale, OF, Stoneman Douglas HS, Parkland FL (22--Pirates)
COMMENT: Wild variation here, based on signability in both cases. Hochevar was long gone in the Mock Draft, but if the Dodgers can sign him in reality he's a steal in the supplemental round. The Mock Draft focused on high-ceiling high school talent, but these guys have serious signability issues that knocked them down in the real draft, at least in the cases of Herron, Worley, Van Slyke, and DiNatale. If all of these guys are actually signable, the Mock Draft has higher total upside than the Real Draft. On the other hand, I like Pedroza and Meloan a lot. If Hochevar signs the Real Draft is likely the better class.

San Francisco Giants REAL DRAFT
4---132---Ben Copeland, OF, University of Pittsburgh
5---162---Daniel Griffin, RHP, Niagara University
San Francisco Giants MOCK DRAFT
4---132---Anthony Varvaro, RHP, St. John's (12--Mariners)
5---162---Travis Wood, LHP, Bryant HS Arkansas (2---Reds)
COMMENT: Not much to compare here. Wood in the fifth round in the Mock Draft is a potential steal given his status as a second-rounder in the Real Draft. Were it not for his Tommy John injury, Varvaro would be a fine choice in the fourth round. I like both Copeland and Griffin.