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Scouting Director Assignments

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Scouting Director Assignments

If you want to be a scouting director, ask in the comment thread. I will update the main thread to indicate who each director is. Once you see your name on the list, please start a Mock Organization Diary, titled MOD: Yankees or MOD: Brewers or whatever your team is.

Remember, you MUST be available for the Mock Draft on Monday, June 6, and 11:15 AM central time.

Duties of the Scouting Director include managing the conversation in the MOD Diary thread. This is a collaborative effort. I don't want you to run your threads like a dictator, but approach it like you are really a scouting director and the other participants are your scouts, farm analysts, etc.

Once you are designed as a Scouting Director, you need to open a MOD thread in the Diary section.

The Giants don't pick until the 4th round, so we will run through round 5 to enable the Giant pickers to at least have a little fun. This means you guys have to do your research, so get cracking!

Another Assignment: Spread the word about the mock draft on other bulletin boards or websites that you frequent, to stimulate discussion and get more people involved! Anyone can do that, not just the Scouting Director.