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I took 45 photos last night at Wichita.

I plug in the memory card this morning, and TWO of the photos are readable. The rest are unreadable by my computer, corrupted somehow. ARRGHGHGGHGGHGHHG!!!!!!!! This kind of thing really makes me angry.

There is no apparent commonality between the two photos that are readable...they were taken at different points in the game. Anyway, here they are.

Corpus Christi starter Jason Hirsch

Hirsch was throwing 89-93 MPH with his fastball, consistently right at 90. He has a very SSSSLLLOOOWWW delivery, but his mechanics are pretty consistent for such a tall pitcher.

Wichita first baseman Justin Huber

Huber can really hit. His numbers are no fluke. He is still trying to figure out his defense at first base. He is rather tentative on grounders at this point, but he's athletic enough that he should pick it up eventually.