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OK, here are the results for left-handed pitchers.

The calculation is simple: 3 points for a first place vote, 2 points for a second place vote, and 1 point for a third place vote.

Duke 60
Tiffany 36
Danks 33
Olsen 32
James 26
Liriano 22
Hamels 17
Miller 15
Stevens 9
Gonzalez 8
Howell 5
Patton 3
Hill 2
Jackson 2
Gomez 1
Parra 1

So the consensus top three is Duke, Tiffany, and Banks.

Personally I prefer Olsen, Tiffany, and Danks, with James and Liriano not far behind. I am not a big Zack Duke fan. I also think that Cole Hamels is going to be a disappointment.