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Discussion Question for Monday, May 23

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Three Favorite Lefties from my Childhood

I have a big project I'm trying to finish right now, so blogging will be light today. I am hoping to get down to Wichita for a quick game on Wednesday, and I have to get this project finished (or at least close to finished) before then.

Current plans have me heading back to Burlington next week for the series against Beloit.

Here is a discussion thread for today. Possible topic to consider: nominations for best LHP pitching prospect in the game right now. Jeff Francis and Scott Kazmir are in the Majors, so they don't count any more. Dan Meyer and Mike Hinckley are out with arm problems. That gets us down now to names like Scott Olsen, Jacob Stevens, Chuck James, and Gio Gonzalez. That is NOT meant to be comprehensive.

So, your discussion project for today: who is the best LHP prospect in baseball right now?