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Huston Street as a Texas Longhorn

Oakland Athletics Top 20 Prospect Review

I want to start reviewing the Top 20 lists I did a couple of months ago, take a snapshot of where these players are right now. We'll start with Oakland, which was the first Top 20 list I did.

  1. Dan Meyer: Pitching poorly in Triple-A, now out with a shoulder injury of some sort. Reportedly not serious but who knows?
  2. Daric Barton: Hitting .254/.363/.333 at Stockton. This is not nearly as good as expected, but appendectomy recovery may be limiting his strength.
  3. Huston Street: Pitching well in the majors.
  4. Nick Swisher: Out with a shoulder injury.
  5. Joe Blanton: ERA looks good at 3.22, but I'm worried about the K/BB of 13/12 in 36 IP.
  6. Omar Quintanilla: Hitting .285/.309/.423 for Double-A Midland. I'd like to see his OBP come up; his plate discipline has been disappointing this year.
  7. Richie Robnett: Hitting .257/.329/.392 at Stockton. Like Barton, he is underachieving.
  8. Jairo Garcia: Pitched brilliantly in Double-A, now in Triple-A.
  9. Dan Johnson: Hitting .305/.396/.527 at Triple-A Sacramento. He's ready. Can he find a place to play?
  10. Kurt Suzuki: Hitting .305/.398/.448 at Stockton, doing very well, as expected.
  11. Javier Herrara: Hitting .238/.338/.413 at Kane County. Biggest problem is steroid suspension.
  12. Danny Putnam: Hitting .303/.364/.459 at Stockton, doing very well, as expected.
  13. Brian Snyder: Extended spring training, rib cage injury.
  14. Landon Powell: Injured knee. Out for season.
  15. Tyler Johnson: Returned to the Cardinals under Rule 5.
  16. Andre Ethier: .402/.455/.669 at Midland. On fire, pushing his way up the prospect ladder rapidly through the development of power.
  17. Brad Knox: Extended spring training.
  18. Jason Windsor: 4.71 ERA at Stockton, but with an excellent 43/6 K/BB ratio in 36 innings.
  19. Brad Sullivan: Extended spring training.
  20. Ryan Webb: 3-1, 2.84 ERA with 25/5 K/BB in 32 innings. Doing well.
Stock Rising:
Garcia, Suzuki, Putnam, Ethier.
Stock Dropping:
Meyer. Want to wait a bit longer before worrying about Barton and Robnett.
Keep an Eye On:
Brant Colamarino, 1B
Dustin Majewski, OF
Vasili Spanos, 3B
Dallas Braden, LHP
Kevin Melillo, 2B