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Guess the Rookie!

I was a very good player for a major college. Drafted in the first round at age 21, I appeared in the majors briefly the next season at age 22, hitting .250 in 23 games. The next season, at 23, I played 93 games but hit just .223/.284/.346. Scouts still liked my tools, but I needed time to adjust.

The following year I was traded to a rebuilding club, and had a good year, hitting .305/.347/.450 with 10 steals. . .within the context of the time this was fine performance. The next seasons I slumped somewhat, down to .281/.334/.417. I was put back on the trade block and shipped to a team in the other league.

The rest of my career I was steady but rather disappointing, showing good power at times and stealing quite a few bases, but not developing into the star that everyone expected. My career was over at the age of 32. All told, I finished with a career .268/.317/.400 line, with 145 steals in 1264 games.

Without looking in an encyclopedia, who am I?