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Very Deep Sleeper to Watch

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Here is a very deep sleeper to watch.

Francisco Leandro was drafted by the Devil Rays in the 24th round last year, from Central Missouri State University. He hit .349/.448/.519 in 31 games for Charleston in the Sally League after signing last year, and is picking up where he left off, hitting .352/.429/.537 through 30 games for Southwest Michigan. He has 16 walks, 14 strikeouts in 108 at-bats.

I saw Leandro play for CMSU. He is a lefty hitter, short (5-10, 180) but has a quick bat and excellent plate discipline. He also runs well.

The main limiting factor here is age: he is already 24. He's obviously too good for low A-ball, and we need to see what he can do at higher levels. But he is an interesting player to watch, no question.