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The State of the Blog

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Thoughts on Blogging

We are coming up on the three month anniversary for

So far, I am happy with the experience. Frankly, I enjoy blogging more than I enjoyed doing the ESPN articles, which had gotten stagnant. Readership is steady and we seem to have a lot of loyal fans, which is good. We still need to grow the website further and bring in more readers, but I am confident than in the long run everything will work out.

It has been a learning experience in many ways.

For example, I posted some cheesecake photos early on our run basically as a lark. But I noticed that whenever I did post a cheesecake photo, there would be a small but significant readership spike. The more people who see the site, the more advertising revenue we bring in, so an occasional cheesecake photo seemed like something that would be fun to do. My wife has encouraged me to do more of this, since bringing in readers is the name of the game, but it runs the risk of becoming too, well, cheesy, and I didn't want to go overboard with it. People who log on while at work might get in trouble with their bosses if there are too many such photos. And not everyone is interested in eye candy. But, like I said, it brings in readers, so putting the occasional off-topic photo in the diaries seems like a good solution. There is a new cheesecake photo there today, which you can find by clicking here.

"You're the GM!" and "You're the Farm Director" features seem very popular, and we will continue those. "Prospect Retro" brings in a lot of email commentary and I will continue that as well. Same with "Double-A Transition Monitor" and, of course, my travel reports with photos.

The most popular feature of all was the Top Prospect lists we posted for each team before the season began. I think it is time we started updating those lists, and we will do so soon.

We will start looking at the amateur draft soon, as well as more and more prospect tidbits.

So basically, the blog is off to a good start, but we need to keep the momentum going. I want to thank every one of you who visits here. Stay tuned; things will just get better!