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Click here for a clean photo of the crazy but beautiful Angelina Jolie.
Courtesy of Jeri, here is some more cheesecake for you. Angelina Jolie is not really my type. . .I prefer my women sane. . .but she is certainly attractive if you can overlook the excess collagen lips.

Schedule for this week

**Prospect Retrospective on Brian Roberts
**Prospect Retrospective on Melvin Mora
**Prospect Retrospective on Wade Miller
**Prospect Retrospective on Matt Lawton
**Prospect tidbits and updates
**More "You're the GM!"

The Prospect Retros seem very popular. They don't generate a lot of comment section action, but I get a lot of email about them encouraging more of them. I will be doing a major prospect tidbit update later this week. The season is far enough along now that we can actually draw some valid conclusions about how players are doing.