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Top Prospects of 2001

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I have to get on the road soon. Here is something to keep you busy while I am away.

The minor leagues got started last night, and next week you will see a change in coverage here, with less historical retrospective stuff (although there will still be some of that) and more coverage of current prospects and minor league events.

But for today:

The Best Prospects of 2001

  1. Corey Patterson, Grade A: Excellent at times, needs better plate discipline.
  2. Ryan Anderson, Grade A: Most injured shoulder in recent history?
  3. Hee Seop Choi, Grade A: Good power, not a superstar.
  4. Ben Sheets, Grade A: Excellent pitcher.
  5. Josh Beckett, Grade A: Excellent when healthy.
  6. Josh Hamilton, Grade A: Ruined by personal problems.
  7. Carlos Pena, Grade A: The American League Hee Seop Choi.
  8. Jon Rauch, Grade A: Rushed to the Show, got hurt.
  9. Roy Oswalt, Grade A: Excellent pitcher.
  10. C.C. Sabathia, Grade A-: Excellent at times.
  11. Sean Burroughs, Grade A-: Power hasn't developed.
  12. Jose Ortiz, Grade A-: Overrated, Age-Gate, PCL stat inflation.
  13. Bobby Bradley, Grade A-: Arm problems, still trying to make it.
  14. Austin Kearns, Grade A-: Excellent when healthy.
  15. Kevin Mench, Grade A-: Useful hitter.
  16. Chin-Hui Tsao, Grade A-: Arm problems, still trying to make it.
  17. Marcus Giles, Grade A-: Solid player.
  18. Albert Pujols, Grade A-: Superstar hitter.
  19. Vernon Wells, Grade B+: Solid player, could still turn into superstar.
  20. Ben Christensen, Grade B+: His bad karma got him.
  21. Jovanny Cedeno, Grade B+: Ruined by injuries.
  22. Wilson Betemit, Grade B+: Still a prospect.
  23. Abraham Nunez the Outfielder, Grade B+: Age-Gate.
  24. Adam Johnson, Grade B+: Collapsed in Triple-A, emotionally immature.
  25. D'Angelo Jimenez, Grade B+: Solid player.
  26. Nick Johnson, Grade B+: Decent hitter, has problems with health.
  27. Matt Belisle, Grade B+: Bad back, now a Grade C prospect.
  28. Joe Borchard, Grade B+: Lost the strike zone.
  29. Drew Henson, Grade B+: Football bust.
  30. Adam Dunn, Grade B+: Outstanding power hitter.
  31. Juan Cruz, Grade B+: Blossomed in relief.
  32. Nick Neugebauer, Grade B+: The righthanded Ryan Anderson.
  33. Matt Kinney, Grade B+: Good arm, has problems with command.
  34. J.R. House, Grade B+: The Ryan Anderson of catchers.
  35. Chris George, Grade B+: Lost his fastball, Quadruple-A pitcher.
  36. Tim Redding, Grade B+: Good arm, has problems with command.
  37. Aubrey Huff, Grade B+: Solid, consistent, productive. Would be a superstar if he played in New York.
  38. Ben Broussard, Grade B+: Useful power bat.
  39. Dee Brown, Grade B+: Huge bust.
  40. Pablo Ozuna, Grade B+: Age-Gate.
  41. Keith Ginter, Grade B+: Good pop for an infielder.
  42. Jesus Colome, Grade B+: The Juan Cruz of the American League.
  43. Joe Crede, Grade B+: Good glove, mediocre bat.
  44. Antonio Perez, Grade B+: Still trying to put it together.
  45. Bud Smith, Grade B+: Pitched brilliantly for 3 months, got hurt.
  46. Alex Escobar, Grade B+: The Ryan Anderson of outfielders.
  47. Milton Bradley, Grade B+: Good player.
  48. Luis Rivas, Grade B+: Has incriminating photos of Ron Gardenhire.
  49. Hank Blalock, Grade B+: Star, will get even better.
  50. Jack Cust, Grade B+: Stathead bust, the scouts were right.
As you can see, injury attrition was very high for this list.