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Brad Radke in the Guess the Rookie section got me thinking. He's been an outstanding control pitcher for the last ten years, but where does he rank historically and what can be expected over the next few years?

Comparable Pitchers to Brad Radke (using Sim Score and PECOTA)

Rick Reuschel
Pete Donohue
Bill Gullickson
Scott Sanderson (style not durability)
Kevin Tapani
Dennis Martinez
Dennis Eckersley
Bob Friend
Lew Burdette

That's a pretty solid list of pitchers. Since his rookie season, Radke has had only one year with an ERA+ worse than league, his injury-plagued 2002 campaign. He has the lowest BB/9IP mark of any current pitcher at 1.68. His strikeout rate has remained steady since 1999.

How many more years will Radke remain effective?