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Creature of Duty

As many of you know, I am a huge geek. Well, you all know I'm a baseball geek. . .most of you are too, or you wouldn't be here. I'm also a sci-fi geek, actually mostly an original Star Trek geek. This makes me very geeky as members of the baseball community go. But hey, I have to be me.

Now, I've never worn pointed ears or even attended a Star Trek convention. I'm not THAT bad off. I don't have very many Trek books. . .books on history and baseball fill my library. But the show has been a big part of my life from the time I was very small, just as baseball has been.

I'm also an avid player of the Trek-based military combat simulation Star Fleet Battles. I've even had some fiction pieces published by Amarillo Design Bureau, the company that makes SFB. The ADB people are expanding their game catalog into role-playing games (another big geek thing of course). They have a new RPG system out called Prime Directive, using the GURPS game engine lisenced from Steve Jackson Games. It basically covers adventuring and background in a military-oriented variant of the original Trek universe.

I am on the "staff" that helps develop the game background, and I got to write the sourcebook for the Romulans. Basically I made up a society out of whole cloth, using the original series Romulans (the SFB license only covers original Trek, not the spinoffs) and established SFB history as the basis. It was a hoot trying to make everything fit together "logically." I even put my history degrees to some use, in making the history and background make a certain amount of sense.

Anyway, the book will be out in May. If you have any interest at all in such things, you might be interested.