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College Prospect: Cameron Blair

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A college guy that I like who hasn't received a lot of notice is Texas Tech shortstop Cameron Blair.

A senior, Blair is hitting .390 with a .505 OBP and a .712 SLG. In 38 games, he's hit 12 homers, and drawn 32 walks against only 15 strikeouts in 146 at-bats. He also has 16 steals.

I saw Blair play for Tech last year and was impressed with him. The Cardinals drafted him in the 18th round, but he went back to school to try and improve his draft position.

Blair is athletic, has a quick bat, and shows excellent strike zone judgment. Texas Tech is a good place to hit. . .many players post gaudy numbers for Tech. . .but I love the fact that Blair draws twice as many walks as strikeouts.

He's not fantasy-draftable at this point, except in the deepest leagues. We do need to see what he does against professional pitching. But keep an eye on him.