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Prospect Tip: Gio Gonzalez

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This isn't a super-hot prospect tip for many of you, but I want to point out what White Sox prospect Gio Gonzalez has done in his first two starts for Kannapolis in the Sally League:

11 innings, 4 hits, 0 runs, 19 strikeouts, 2 walks.

Gonzalez was a supplemental first-round pick by the White Sox last June, which is why those of you who follow the draft likely know about him. But not everyone visiting here follows the draft or the lowest level of the minor leagues that closely, so I want to get this guy's name out there for their benefit.

Gonzalez is a lefty who can hit 93-94 MPH (though he's usually 2-4 MPH below that). He has a great curveball and an improving changeup, and his command is excellent. As a 19-year-old pitcher he carries risk, but the upside here is quite impressive. I think he will make short work of A-ball this year, and he's already a sound investment in the right fantasy league setting.