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I will be on radio 810 Sportsradio WHB THURSDAY EVENING (schedule change) around 8 pm central time, discussing minor league prospects. This is a Kansas City radio station.

"Radio Waves" by Roger Waters

Radio waves. Radio waves.
He hears radio waves. Radio waves.
The atmosphere is thin and cold
The yellow sun is getting old
The ozone overflows with radio waves
AM, FM, weather and news
Our leaders had a frank exchange of views
Are you confused, radio waves.

Radio waves, radio waves
AM radio waves, FM radio waves
Radio waves, mind-numbing radio waves
Fish-stunning radio waves
Radio waves.

Magic Billy in his wheel chair
Is picking up all this stuff in the air
Billy is face to face with outer space
Messages from distant stars
The local police calling all cars, radio waves

Hear them radio waves, radio waves
Jesus saves radio, radio waves
Radio waves, AM radio waves, FM radio waves
All them radio waves

Radio waves, radio waves, he hears radio waves
Radio waves, radio waves, hopeful radio waves, dopeful radio waves
Radio waves, Russian radio waves, Prussian radio waves
Eastern radio waves, Western radio waves
Testing radio waves, one two. One two.
Radio waves. Getting through to you
Morse code radio waves, Tobacco road radio waves
South to Paloma radio waves, Oklahoma City radio waves
Sitting pretty radio waves, nitty-gritty radio waves
Radio waves

Radio KAOS is a pretty weak album by Waters/Floyd standards, with a hackneyed storyline and too much 80s technobop music. 1992's Amused to Death, in contrast, is a work of absolute brilliance, combining the best musicality of Dark Side of the Moon with the dark lyricism of The Wall and The Final Cut, but done in a more universal style.

Of course, I stand clearly on the Waters side of the "Which One's Pink?" argument among Floyd fans. David Gilmour is a brilliant guitarist, no question, and when he's concentrating he's a damn good music writer. But he can't write lyrics to save his life, and his music sometimes comes across "too squishy." Waters, of course, comes across too hard-edged at times, he sometimes concentrates too much on the lyrics and not enough on the music, and (like many brilliant artists) he can be a first-class wanker. But Amused to Death is more Floydian than anything the post-Waters Pink Fraud band did.