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Notable Slow Starts:

Given the small sample sizes this early in the season, I wouldn't worry about these guy too much yet. But here are some slow starts I noticed. Note Ortmeier, Boyd, and Poterson are all position players in farm systems that need hitters: a quick start would get them noticed and perhaps promoted quickly; a slow start is a handicap.

Dan Ortmeier, OF, Giants (Double-A Norwich): 1-for-16 (.063), granted his one hit is a home run.

Jeremy Hermida, OF, Marlins (Double-A Carolina): 1-for-12 (.083), like Ortmeier his one hit is a homer. He's also drawn 3 walks, and if his plate discipline remains good he should heat up soon.

Shawn Boyd, OF, Cardinals (Double-A Springfield): 1-for-17 (.059), a slow start for a prospect in a thin system.

Jon Poterson, OF, Yankees (Class A Charleston), 0-for-13 with 5 strikeouts in his first 4 games.