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Sunday Notes

As mentioned by B.J. Birdie in the diaries, three Toronto Blue Jays players have been suspended for using "substances": infielder Julius Matos, infielder Raul Tablado, and RHP Brian Reed. Matos is a journeyman, while both Tablado and Reed are considered prospects, Tablado in particular. Minor League Baseball has a good article about this.

I am planning my next scouting trip, likely this coming Friday through next Monday, although I'm not sure of my exact destination yet. I will be going over the schedules this evening to find the best fit.

Fun Early Lines:

Ryan Doumit, Pirates catching prospect: 5-for-9 with 3 homers in 3 games for Triple-A Indianapolis.

Jeff Francoeur, Braves outfield prospect, 6-for-14 with 6 RBI in 3 games for Double-A Mississippi.

Eric Schindewolf, Diamondbacks second base prospect, 4-for-10 with 4 walks in 3 games for Class A Lancaster. This guy is your classic scrappy second base sleeper, though I have a weakness for this type.

Reid Brignac, Devil Rays shortstop prospect, 4-for-10 with 4 walks and 2 doubles in 3 games for Southwest Michigan.

I got a little flack for naming Andy Marte as my top overall prospect this year, many people preferring Delmon Young. Marte is 6-for-11 with 3 homers so far in Triple-A. Young is also 6-for-11, although with "just" 1 homer so far in Double-A.