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Community Hardy Projection

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J.J. Hardy

Minor League Ball Community Proj: BA: .258 OBP: .322 SLG: .406 10 HR
Baseball Prospectus PECOTA Projt: BA: .268 OBP: .328 SLG: .437 15 HR
Baseball Forecaster 05Projection: BA: .264 OBP: .337 SLG: .411 12 HR
ZIPS Baseball Think Tank Project: BA: .252 OBP: .347 SLG: .397 15 HR
John Sickels Experimental Projec: BA: .256 OBP: .330 SLG: .396 12 HR

Not as much interest in Hardy compared to the other players we have projected; we had only half as many projections. Either readers are losing interest in the project, or Hardy just isn't that interesting for most of you.

As you can see, the Community Projection is very similar to what other systems are showing once again, although the Community is a bit more pessimistic about his on-base abilities. I have normalized the home run totals for the theoretical 450 at-bats in the projection.