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Minor League Ball Community Projection: Corey Patterson

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Our First Victim

Aggregate Corey Patterson Projection

We had 64 entries in the Corey Patterson Projection Experiment. Here is what we came up with as a "group" prediction. I've also posted what other systems are predicting.

Our Community Projection BA: .275 OBP: .333 SLG: .475 SB: 27
Baseball Prospectus Proj BA: .278 OBP: .330 SLG: .475 SB: 24
Bill James Handbook Proj BA: .277 OBP: .317 SLG: .465 SB: 25
Baseball Forecaster Proj BA: .257 OBP: .298 SLG: .439 SB: 26
ZIPS Baseball Think Tank BA: .275 OBP: .320 SLG: .449 SB: 24
John Sickels Experimental BA: .282 OBP: .330 SLG: .477 SB: 26

We will track this as the season progresses.
Question: should we do other "community projections," and if so, what players should we pick?