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Spring Begins, and the Great Corey Patterson Experiment

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I officially declare that March 3rd, 2005, was the beginning of spring.

It was 66 degrees yesterday here in Lawrence, KS. We even had an afternoon thunderstorm roll through town, a nice garden-variety storm, lasted 5 minutes, not severe or anything but with several bursts of thunder and lightning and some brief heavy rain.

In Florida and Arizona, spring training games got started in earnest. My favorite time of year has officially begun.

Discussion topic for today: a projection experiment. Give your prediction/projection for Corey Patterson's BA, OBP, SLG, and stolen bases this season. I will cut-off predictions at 8 AM on Saturday morning, at which time I will average everything out and see what the aggregate prediction is. At the end of the year, we'll see how close we get, and how we compare to the output of other models (PECOTA, Baseball Forecaster, Bill James, etc.).

Some ground rules: you are allowed to look over Corey Patterson's statistics from previous seasons, but please do not check out PECOTA or what other models are predicting.