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Reading for Wednesday, March 30

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Today's Interesting Reading

Let's Go Tribe has posted a useful primer about OPS, Plate Discipline, Age/league guidelines, and other basic definitions for the beginning fan.

I'd add Secondary Average to the list. SEC, invented by Bill James, measures the things a hitter does outside of batting average. There are many variant formulas; the one I use most frequently is


Milwaukee fans should enjoy the multi-part Brewers preview at Brew Crew Ball as well as an interview with Brewers blogger Al Bethke.

Halo's Heaven has a breakdown of the Trades of Bill Stoneman.

There is an interesting thread at the Mastersball discussion forum about lineup structure.

Kevin's Royals blog celebrates the successful Free Calvin Pickering! Movement.

HardBallTimes has a nice piece about the biggest baseball trades of all time.