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Barry Bonds as a Prospect

Barry Bonds was drafted by the Pirates in the first round in 1985, out of Arizona State University, the sixth overall pick in the draft.

Minor League Statistics

  1. Age 21, Prince William (Carolina): .299/.392/.547 15 steals in 71 games.
  2. Age 22, Hawaii (Pacific Coast League: .311/.439/.527 with 16 steals in 44 games.
Given power and speed production, plus good patience, excellent scouting reports, and a sharp college career, he would have been a Grade A- prospect at the least heading into 1986, and possibly a straight Grade A. While he struggled in 113 games for the Pirates in `86 (hitting just .223), he was only a year out of college. He had good years in '87 and '88, struggled in '89, then broke out in `90, and was on his way after that.

Most Similar Players to Barry Bonds:
Willie Mays
Babe Ruth
Frank Robinson
Hank Aaron
Mel Ott
Ted Williams
Reggie Jackson
Stan Musial
Carl Yastrzemski
Eddie Murray

It should be noted that all of Bonds' Sim Scores are very low: the top score, for Willie Mays at 791, is a very low Sim Score (anything less than 900 is considered not very similar). Bonds is a unique player and was bound for greatness even without "performance enhancement."