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Sean Burroughs Projection Results

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Sean Burroughs

Community Projection: .297 BA, .357 OBP, .415 SLG, 9 HR
Baseball Forecaster: .281 BA, .331 OBP, .400 SLG, 9 HR
Baseball Prospectus: .272 BA, .336 OBP, .380 SLG, 6 HR
Bill James Handbook: .299 BA, .347 OBP, .386 SLG, 4 HR
ZIPS BTT Projection: .297 BA, .354 OBP, .382 SLG, 5 HR
John Sickels Experi: .288 BA, .345 OBP, .402 SLG, 8 HR


Community: .772
Sickels Exp: .747
ZIPS BTT: .736
Bill James: .733
Forecaster: .731
Prospectus: .716

I have to admit the Community result surprised me a bit; we had quite a few optimistic projections. My own projection is fairly optimistic, but still 25 OPS points down from the Community. ZIPS, James, and Forecaster are all clustered together, with Prospectus being the pessimist outlier. Their PECOTA system, in fact, estimates a 46% chance that Burroughs will "collapse" this year.

Burroughs is still only 24, and the age curve should work in his favor. "Should". . .it's not a guarantee.