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Bobby Crosby Projection Results

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Bobby Crosby

Community Projection: .262 BA, .342 OBP, .457 SLG, 10 SB, 125K
Baseball Forecaster: .248 BA, .318 OBP, .458 SLG, 9 SB, ----
Baseball Prospectus: .260 BA, .338 OBP, .443 SLG, 9 SB, 124K
Bill James Handbook: .258 BA, .330 OBP, .461 SLG, 12 SB, 123K
ZIPS BTT Projection: .262 BA, .343 OBP, .434 SLG, 9 SB, 123K
John Sickels Experi: .260 BA, .336 OBP, .449 SLG, 10 SB, 123K


Community: .799
Bill James: .791
Sickels: .785
Prospectus: .781
ZIPS BTT: .777
Forecaster: .776

All projections are quite similar. The community is a hair more optimistic, but not by much. Strikeout numbers were normalized for an estimated 530 at-bats; they were all virtually identical.

I think that all of these projections could turn out to be underestimates. I have no sabermetric proof of this, but I think Crosby is a candidate for a major breakout either this year or next.