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Roberto Alomar as We First Knew Him.

Roberto Alomar, Minor League Statistics

  1. Charleston (Sally League) Age 17: .293/.362 OBP/.330 SLG, 36 SB in 137 games
  2. Reno (California League) Age 18: .346/.397 OBP/.447 SLG, 14 SB in 90 games
  3. Wichita (Texas League) Age 19: .319/.374 OBP/.478 SLG, 43 SB in 130 games
  4. Las Vegas (PCL) Age 20: .270/.282 OBP/.459 SLG, 3 SB in 9 games
Based on his age-relative-to-league markers and his excellent performance, Alomar would definitely have ranked as a Grade A prospect during his minor league tenure, at least following the 1986 and 1987 seasons. He may have rated at A-/B+ early on, following the '85 season, when it was unclear how much power he would develop. In any case, he was an outstanding prospect, both in retrospect and if you go back and look at what was thought at the time.

Most Similar Players to Roberto Alomar through age 36 (by Sim Score)

  1. Frankie Frisch
  2. Craig Biggio
  3. Robin Yount
  4. Charlie Gehringer
  5. Pete Rose
  6. Lou Whitaker
  7. Paul Molitor
  8. George Davis
  9. Joe Morgan
  10. Vada Pinson
Frisch, Young, Gehringer, Molitor, Davis, and Morgan are all Hall of Famers. Rose would be if he wasn't a creep. Vada Pinson and Lou Whitaker were better players than some guys in the Hall.

What say you? Would you vote for Roberto Alomar for the Hall of Fame?