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Mark Mulder Community Projections Results

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Mark Mulder (AP photo)


Community: 29 GS, 15-9 W-L, 3.86 ERA, 194 IP, 135/57 K/BB
Forecaster: -- GS, 12-9 W-L, 4.18 ERA, 164 IP, 107/56 K/BB
Prospectus: 28 GS, ---------, 3.78 ERA, 182 IP, 131/61 K/BB
ZIPS BTT: 30 GS, 16-9 W-L, 3.63 ERA, 206 IP, 149/63 K/BB

We only had 26 usable entries. Several others had to be dropped because the entry did not include all of the projected statistics and there wasn't enough information available to extrapolate.

For the yes/no All-Star question, I gave each NO answer one point and each YES answer two points. The average came out to 1.38, which is a collective NO. But you could, I suppose, say that there is a 38% chance that Mulder will make the All-Star Team.

The Community Projection is a tad less optimistic than Prospectus and ZIPS, but not out of line I don't think. In comments, people expressed concern about Mulder's health. . .he's a fine pitcher I think everyone agrees, but his second half collapse in '04 and his sketchy results this spring are making a lot of people nervous.