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Summarizing the Suggestion Thread

We've had over 60 different players proposed on the projection thread, but with only 10 days left in the project we'll have to make some difficult choices. I've picked Bobby Crosby as the next one, since there is some difference of opinion in the baseball community about exactly how good he may or may not become.

Other ideas expressed included the concept of Minor League Projections. . .what will Daric Barton hit in the California League, for example? I like this idea and we'll do some of those soon. Another idea is for Minor League sleeper prospects, which is something I've been planning for the start of the year.

I also like the True/False Thread we did with Burrell, which is a way to solicit opinions and ideas and have a good discussion but without limiting things to just stat projections.

Great ideas, guys. We'll have more suggestion threads in the future. With your help, we can keep things fresh around here.