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True or False: Pat Burrell.

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Pat Burrell in action (AP photo)

True or False?
Pat Burrell of the Phillies will break through with an All-Star season in 2005.

This is not a true projection thread (the one for Mulder is still active below), but I want your general opinions on this one. What does the future hold for Burrell? Can he get substantially better than he is already? Will he break through with the huge season Phillies fans dream of? If you think so, why? Or why not?

Most Comparable Players to Pat Burrell through age 27:
Based on SIM SCORE
Pete Incaviglia
Gil Hodges
Nate Colbert
Bob Allison
Danny Tartabull
Wally Post
Ken Harrelson

Based on PECOTA
Dwight Evans
Bob Allison
Jay Buhner
Tom Brunansky
Carmelo Martinez
Tim Salmon
Pete Incaviglia