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Young Pitcher Symposium: Jerome Williams

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Jerome Williams

  1. Wayne Simpson (983)
  2. Andy Benes (983)
  3. Roger Clemens (982)
  4. Chuck Estrada (980)
  5. Alex Ferson (979)
  6. Clark Griffith (979)
  7. Syl Johnson (978)
  8. John D'Aquisto (978)
  9. Frank Pastore (976)
  10. Dennis Martinez (976)
Other Comparables
Lee Tunnell
Bill Stafford
Adam Eaton
Brad Penny
Milt Pappas
Kevin Appier
Jeff Weaver
Ismael Valdez
Tom Seaver

Previous Book Grades

2000 Minor League Scouting Notebook: rated Grade C+ coming out of high school, noted as having good "long-term chances" if he stayed healthy.

2001 Minor League Scouting Notebook: rated Grade B+, the "crown jewel" of the Giants farm system.

2002 Minor League Scouting Notebook: still rated Grade B+, as one of the best pitching prospects in the game despite not dominating statistically.

2003 Baseball Prospect Book, rated Grade A-. His statistics were always "good" rather than "great," but considering his young age relative to the competition he was facing, I was impressed with him and optimistic about his chances.

Roger Clemens and Tom Seaver jump out on the comparables list. As usual there are some scary early burnouts, but also guys like Pappas, Benes, and Martinez who had long and successful careers. Williams slipped a bit with his ERA last year, although his component ratios were about the same. Concerns about his durability remain valid.