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Scott Kazmir Community Projection

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Community Projection: 25 GS, 8-10 W-L, 4.34 ERA, 152 IP, 154/78 K/BB
Baseball Forecaster: -- GS, 8-9 W-L, 4.24 ERA, 174 IP, 175/76 K/BB
Baseball Prospectus: 16 GS, ---------, 4.51 ERA, 98 IP, 85/53 K/BB
ZIPS BTT Projection: 26 GS, 6-7 W-L, 4.76 ERA, 123 IP, 125/76 K/BB

The Community Projection for Kazmir is fairly optimistic in projecting his innings and workload. The K/IP is right in line with what other systems are showing.

Kazmir is a huge wild card, and frankly I don't have any freakin' idea how he will do this year. Posting numbers like those above is certainly possible. If his command holds up, he could do much better than that. He could also go 2-8, 6.75 and get sent back to Triple-A in June. My personal expectation is closer to the fairly pessimistic ZIPS numbers, but I've been burned by young pitchers enough to be paranoid about anyone.